Exploring anxieties about automation and AI

The 3-way encounter - audience member (player), Echoborg and AI - is a power relationship in which the ebb and flow of control directly affects the player. Testing reveals that players consistently experience a profound emotional response. The outcome depends on what they talk about and how they respond to what the AI says. The AI is a ChatBot built by Phil D Hall who built his first intelligent agent in 1982. Phil views ChatBots as moving three dimensional constructions rather than static lines of code.

Project Goals

  • Create a brilliant show.
  • Challenge orthodox routes to building ChatBots.
  • Develop an innovative longer term research and development strategy for creative media work exploring social and cultural issues of the coming future of automation.

Part of our approach is to involve a broad cross-disciplinary array of consultants and partners including academics from Information Science, Digital Cultures, Computer Games Development and Psychology. The approach is to use the creation of a powerful theatrical experience to help unearth issues glossed over in the headlong rush to automation. We aim to provoke discussion and devise new research avenues.