Team members bring years of experience making participatory narratives, experitise in the creation of ChatBots and a history of research into media culture and politics.

Rik Lander is an artist who creates live events where audience members become players with agency over events in the story. Rather than experiencing emotions via empathy with actors, players experience them themselves. He is also a Senior Lecturer in the School of Art and Design at UWE.

Phil D Hall has been engaged in the definition and creation of commercially viable Conversational Artificial Intelligence for the last 16 years. His interest is in building and consulting on semi-automated information gathering and ChatBot delivery, particularly with respect to: infotainment, healthcare and education. He is a keen supporter of online community and culture and a champion towards acceptable ethics and privacy in Cyberspace.

Patrick Crogan is Associate Professor at UWE and a member of the Digital Cultures Research Centre and resident of the Pervasive Media Studio at the Watershed. He researches a range of digital cultural forms from video games to animation to drones. He wrote Gameplay Mode. He is part of the team developing the hybrid documentary-videogame Jack the Ripper: Shadow over Whitechapel.


  • Written and Directed by Rik Lander
  • Chatbot developer: Phil D Hall, Elzware Ltd
  • Academic partner: Dr Patrick Crogan, University of the West of England
  • Echoborg: Marie-Helene Boyd
  • Producer: Victoria Jones
  • Story consultant: Seth Honor
  • Technical superviser: Jim Roper, Digital Medium Ltd
  • Technical support: Tarim
  • Production support: Nick Triggs, Digital Cultures Research Centre

About our funders

This project has been developed with the support of funding from UWE Bristol’s Arts, Education and Creative Industries Faculty and its Digital Cultures Research Centre. I am Echoborg also acknowledges help from the Pervasive Media Studio at the Watershed, the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Automation Anxiety Research Network and the State Festival, Berlin in developing and testing the show. The British Council helped fund our trip to the Future of StoryTelling Summit 2018.


This project wouldn't have been possible without generous support from many people, including:
Kevin Corti and Alex Gillespie for devising the Echoborg concept and their paper on their research. The Pervasive Media Studio for hosting tests. The actors: Jon Bard, Mo Boosh, Rashin Rajaei Mardakhi, Ehsan Norouzi and Julie Hoult. John Burgan for Berlin casting and Hassina Burgan for her hospitality. Teresa Dillon for inviting us to the State Festival. Aino Sohl for looking after us in Berlin. Benjamin Roberts for hosting us at Automation Anxiety, Workshop 1 - Automation and Obsolecence at the Digital Humanities Lab, University of Sussex. Rod Dickinson for early help with Javascript. Hazel Grian for consulting on story structure. Kate Rich, Chiz and Hogge at the Cube Bristol. Jess Bass at F0ST. Production assistants: Jamie Lamb, Radley Cook, Ellie Soper. And, of course, the many people who have taken part and thus helped us develop this project.